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Outdoor Banner Frames

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Outdoor Banner Frames and In Ground Stands Made In The USA.

Outdoor Banner frame stands are exceptional advertising tools for framing vinyl and mesh banners that spread a specific message to a targeted audience.  Whether you use the system at a sponsored event, a trade show, or to advertise your business, they will capture the attention of potential customers and save you time and resources by diverting uninterested customers. Outdoor banner stands are a very inexpensive way to advertise; yet, they still hold the popularity they did years ago for three very specific reasons:  they are inexpensive, reusable, and attention-getters.  Additionally, they are extremely durable and a good, quality outdoor banner stand will last for years to come.  

For over 18 years, Arrowhead Sign Company has offered unmatched quality of outdoor banner stands.  Our product line of Outdoor Banner Stands includes In-ground, Portable, Fiberglass, Aluminum, Pop-up Tents, Vertical Flag Systems, Outdoor Retractable Banner Stands, Portable units with water-fillable bases, teardrop flags, the ever-popular Feather Flags, and more. Custom graphics are available and most products ship within one week.  Signs are a part of our environment that get attention. With an outdoor banner stand, you and your brand, product, or service are guaranteed to be noticed.   

Fiber Frame Banner Stand -


This in ground outdoor banner stand frame is free standing and installs very quickly. Ultra durable and yet lightweight. Holds banners tight in place. Designed by an engineer in the billboard industry, the Fiber-Frame product line is built to satisfy uncompromising standards of strength, longevity and value. It’s modern and minimal, yet rugged design makes it more economical and more effective than any alternative.

Frequently asked questions about our outdoor banner stand system called fiber-frame.

How does the Fiber-Frame attach to the ground?

Via (2) 1″ steel ground rods. Uprights slip over the steel, and bolts connnect the crossmembers to the uprights, linking the frame to the ground rods. Tamper-resistant bolts are an option if theft is an issue.

How does the banner attach to the frame?

You do not have to change any of your finishing methods. All banners attach using standard taped or heat sealed edges, grommets, and cable ties. Templates with all production and finishing specifications are provided with each frame, or downloadable from this site.

How do I guarantee proper installation?

Complete, simple to follow installation instructions are included with every frame.

Can I display back-to-back banners?

This is a standard feature of the Fiber-Frame. Each banner can be installed and changed out independently of the other.

What is the maximum wind load?

The Fiber-Frame has been tested in the field for over 1-1/2 years in all types of weather conditions, with no failures of any sort. The design of the unit aids in its ability to withstand wind.

What sort of maintenance can be expected?

Periodically wipe off any dust or dirt that may accumulate. The frame materials will not corrode under normal conditions, and the moulded-in color will not chip or peel.

Are there any screws to pull out?

No. Other than the four bolts used to connect the frame members, all connections are riveted.

Can the Fiber-Frame be relocated once installed?

The unit breaks down completely in less than 10 minutes and can be relocated at any time.

How long does it take to properly install a banner in the Fiber-Frame?

About 5 minutes.

Does the frame accomodate sloping ground?

An optional extension is available to allow up to 6″ of slope over the width of the frame.

Does the frame accomodate soft or sandy soil?

The Fiber-Frame ground rod usually requires no additional support, but for special circumstances of really loose or muddy soil, or deep sand, and optional support is available.

Is this considered a “permanent” sign that requires a special permit?

Individual ordinances differ, but generally, this is an area where the Fiber-Frame really shines. The appearance is that of a permanent installation, but the sign can be installed in about 15 minutes, and removed in about 10 minutes, with no evidence it was ever there. Since this is a temporary sign, only conformance with local temporary sign ordinances is generally required.

What about sign height restrictions?

In these situations, the Fiber-Frame is available in a 4′ tall model with 3′ of vertical display area, which should meet most municipal sign height restrictions.

What if the sign is temporarily removed but the ground rods are left in place?

The portion of the ground rods above the ground contain a reflective, making the rod highly visible under almost all conditions.

Can I buy the component parts from Fiber-Frame so I can build my own custom size frames?

Generally speaking, we do not supply any component parts individually for fabrication outside our factory, as this would not allow us to assure the quality of the finished product, offer any guarantee, or control our product liability.

How does the frame ship?

The entire frame knocks down and ships in a box about 5″ square x the width of the frame. All frames are UPS and FedEx compliant.

What is structural fiberglass, and why is this better than the light duty glass fiber poles offered elsewhere?

Lesser products are moulded. Structural fiberglass is made using the pultrusion process, which uses heat and pressure to guarantee the optimal glass-to-resin ratio, with no voids or air pockets. Though expensive, it is the strongest possible construction, and the combination of glass fiber with polyester thermoset resins results in a high-performance composite that is pound for pound stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum, and impervious to weather. Buildings, man-safe walkways, industrial handrails and gratings, cooling towers, and beam and girder structures are manufactured every day from this material, and they last for decades.

Is the product warranted?

The Fiber-Frame is warranted against manufacturing defects for 12 months. We reserve the right to replace the frame or supply replacement parts at our option.

How do you offer competitive pricing while manufacturing domestically?

We are committed to manufacturing our product in America, and in using domestic raw materials wherever possible. To do this, we rely on patented designs, lean manufacturing methods, low overhead, production automation, and economies of scale. We are also committed to manufacturing the finest banner frame in the world at any price, but at prices that compete favorably with any other product.  We think that when the total cost of ownership is considered, there is no finer banner display product manufactured anywhere in the world.



Fiber Frame Product Review